Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maïa Vidal

I've just discovered, listening to FIP (that great French radio station I already spoke about here), a new singer called Maïa Vidal.

The 24 years old young woman is American, but she recorded her first album - called God is my Bike - in Barcelona. She spends a lot of time in Europe and apparently is an admirer of the French chanson. The record brings two tracks in French, but my favorite song is in English and has a beautiful music video.

My favorite in French is called Le tango de la femme abandonnée.

And after searching for more of her videos on Youtube, I found this cover of a song George Brassens, which made me like her even more!


  1. Oh, she's quite good. Lovely voice, interesting arrangements. The toy piano works well, I think. But what does she have on her head?

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