Coeur de Pirate


Coincidentally, I just found out that Canadian Coeur de Pirate is making a tour in the US. You don’t know why is this a coincidence? Click here to find out.

A complete list of tour dates and venues (some of them in Europe) can be seeing in this link.

Her long waited second record “Blonde” is going to be released on November 7th, and you can already take a peek clicking on the player below.

Coeur de pirate || Teaser Adieu from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

And, since I can’t get enough of Coeur de Pirate, here’s a video clip of a song featuring Julien Doré. The video clip is absolutely incredible and has a bunch of amazing archive images from the 60’s, including videos from the first visit from the Beatles in the US, an interview with Marylin Monroe, Sophia Lauren and other priceless stuff. Check it out on the link below.


Notice that there’s a continuity mistake in the 01’26” where it shows a close-up of a right handed person signing a piece of paper and after it reveals that it’s actually Julien Doré giving an autograph, the only problem is Julien Doré is signing with his left hand (which makes me wonder if the original plan was to use footage of Paul McCartney).


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