Comme d’habitude


When I started to go deep in my researches of French chanson, I started to find out that what I thought were great American classics, were actually French songs (and trust me, there’s A BUNCH of those).

The song that surprised me the most is definitely “My way” immortalized by the great Frank Sinatra. Really, the first time I’ve ever heard “Comme d’Habitude” I really thought that it was a cheesy, tacky, weird version of a great, untouchable classic. Trust me, I even felt a bit angry.

But then I found out I was being unfair. Because I truly believe that the composer has always the right to sing the song he/she wrote no matter how horrible it may turn out. It’s just his right.

Yes, dear readers, “My way” wasn’t originally written in English, but in French. And it was called “Comme d’Habitude” and composed by a big promising French singer called Claude François.

Though I was shocked at first, after I came to an agreement with the song and nowadays I even like it.

But in any case, under any circumstance, I would NEVER like the original song better than the one sang by Elvis. It lacks me words whenever I hear the king singing “My way”. In this case, I’m sorry Claude, but the comparison is just not fair.

And so just we are clear: I really love Claude François’s songs, he was an amazing composer. But I’ll tell all I know about him some other day.


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