Les enfants du Pirée


Jules Dassin was an American movie director and one of those artists that were forced to leave the U.S. because he was listed on the horrible Hollywood Blacklist created in the 50’s.

In 1960, he wrote and directed the movie “Never on Sunday” and the theme song of the movie, originally sang in Greek, became a great hit worldwide after winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1960.

After that, the song was covered in English (by great girls like Petula Clark and The Chordettes), Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, German, Dutch and even Mandarin.

The French version of the song, named “Les enfants du Pirée” preserves the original meaning of the Greek title, which is “The Children of Piraeus” and was first released by Dalida.

Recently, singer/songwriter Dominique A made a beautiful cover of that song and that’s the one we are going to listen today.

Les enfants du Pirée

And in case anybody is wondering, yes, Jules Dassin is the father of singer Joe Dassin. Here’s Joe Dassin’s greatest hit “Les champs Elysées” (recently featured in the soundtrack of the movie “The Darjeeling Limited”, by Wes Anderson).


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