Make-up in Paris


I was almost getting in terms with the idea of spending 50 euros in an eyeshadow palette with 4 colors by MAC and all it lacked me was the courage to go to the store and spend this small fortune when, wondering around the streets of Paris I found a small piece of paradise for make-up lovers. I’m talking about “Paris-Berlin” a store close to the Bastille Square that sells professional make-up.

I had never before heard about the brand but decided to go inside anyway attracted by all the colors and tools that are so appealing to any make-up lover. And it was worth the visit. In less the half an hour I was happily leaving the store with a 10-colors professional eyeshadow palette.

I totally recommend Paris-Berlin for anybody who is interested in good make-up for a fair amount of money. The eyeshadow is as great as any famous brand like MAC and even better then some high-end stuff, like Lancôme.

The address for this wonderful place is: 56, Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris

And since this blog is about music, not make-up, I’m gonna finish this post with a song I remembered while I was writing this tip.


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