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Yesterday, Le Figaro published an article on the new generation of French singers pointing out the fact that, in 2011, the girls outshone the boys when it comes to French chanson.

I couldn’t agree more. Out of all my favorite French male singers, only Thomas Dutronc released a new record this year and I wouldn’t call it exactly to-die-for. Vincent Delerm is in the business of making children’s music; Bénabar is not really getting me excited about his new album; Bensé doesn’t even updates the News section of his website since January 2010 and Dominique A has just announced he’s only finishing his time off next year.

The only one who didn’t disappointed me was Benjamin Biolay (he never does) and his soundtrack for “Pourquoi tu pleures ?” – but, then again, it’s a soundtrack, not an album of his own.

But the real reason I decided to write this post is because in that article at Le Figaro I found out about a new name I had never heard before: Nadéah. Her debut record is entirely sang in English (too bad, I’d love to hear her singing in French) and there are a lot of lovely songs.

Nadéah – Odile by Cinq7

Interested in hearing some more? Visit her MySpace.

CORRECTION: Nadéah lives in Paris but was actually born in Australia.


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