Pastry in Paris


Paris, amongst so many other things, is known for its great pastry shops, called “Pâtisserie”. French people take the business of making bread and desert very seriously and, to became a baker chef (called “Boulanger”) or pastry chef (called “Pâtissier), it’s required a great deal of hard study and practice.

Anyone who ever cooked anything sweet in their life, knows how hard it is to work with sugar, so the pâtissier (or pâtissière, if it’s a woman) is a very well respected professional inside any French kitchen.

I found this beautiful film (made by the Louis Vitton City Guide team) in a Brazilian blog and decided to share it here because, in my opinion, everyone with eyes always enjoy watching videos about deliciously looking stuff.

And the subject of sweet things reminded me of a sweet French version of “Come Softly” by the “Fleetwoods”. The French version is called “Tout doux, tout doucement” (“doux means “sweet” in French), sang by Marcel Amont.


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