Pourquoi tu pleures ?


Benjamin Biolay – probably my favorite singer/songwriter in the French scene today – composed the soundtrack and starred a new French movie that was released last summer in Paris.

The film is called “Pourquoi tu pleures ?”, and it’s the story of a man who is about to be married and meets a girl that could be the love of his life. I still haven’t watched it but the French critics wrote pretty good reviews about it.

Here’s the trailer of the movie with English subtitles.

Last week, I found out that, amongst the tracks of the movie’s soundtrack is the eternal Cole Porter’s classic “C’est magnifique” and I just loved Biolay singing this song (sorry about the images in the video, trust me: I searched other videos on Youtube, but all looked horrible).

And that reminds me that Dean Martin sang that song in the 50’s and it’s just wonderful:


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