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Benjamin Biolay announced his first Best of, to be released on November 27.  The record marks the ten years of his career and I personally think it’s too early for a Best of (because, after all, they all sound a bit desperate, specially when released in Christmas time).

The record has songs from Rose Kennedy to La Superbe and it even has an unreleased song, called L’eau claire des fontaines. Below, there’s the track list indicating from which CD the song comes from.

Without any surprise, I noticed that the phase with Clara Mastroianni represents only 15% of the Best of.

1. L’eau claire des fontaines – Unreleased
2. Dans mon dos (À la origine)
3. Dans la merco benz (Trash Yéyé)
4. Les cerfs volants (Rose Kennedy)
5. À l’origine (À la origine)
6. Chère inconnue (Négatif)
7. Padam (La Superbe)
8. Nuage noir (Clara et Moi)
9. Qu’est-ce que ça peut faire ? (Trash Yéyé)
10. Bien avant (Trash Yéyé)
11. La ballade du mois de juin (Home)
12. Négatif (Négatif)
13. Los angeles (Rose Kennedy)
14. Ton héritage (La Superbe)
15. Brandt rhapsodie (La Superbe)
16. La vanité (Négatif)
17. La plage (Home)
18. Novembre toute l’année (Rose Kennedy)
19. La superbe (La Superbe)

I would include Les Roses et les promesses, from Rose Kennedy in this track list. But, then again, if I were in charge of choosing the songs, I’d probably put the entire Rose Kennedy.

Below, we can watch the beautiful short film made for the promotion of Les Roses et les promesses.


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