Chanson de Lundi


Coeur de Pirate released last week her long waited second record. And I’m already in love with it.

I believe It’s hard for a singer/songwriter who had a very successful first record to release a second one. But, in this case, this young talented québécoise did it again. The new work is called Blonde and I think I like it even better then her debut album.

In case you are interested, the songs are on sale at the online store in the singer’s website. It can also be heard on Youtube, if you feel like having a taste of it.

The CD has so many great tracks that’s it’s even hard to choose one for this Chanson de Lundi but, for now, my favorite is a lovely delicious ballad called Ava, and you can hear it on the player below. I also recommend Les amours dévouées, Verseau and Golden Baby.


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