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People always ask me where to find a good compilation of French music. Of course, Paris has an atmosphere of love around it and if you go on Amazon, you are going to find a bunch of cheesy records filled with obvious romantic cliche songs played with the accordion for those people that want to buy not the real Paris, but what I like to call it the “Hollywood Paris”.

But if you are a little more curious than that, and want to discover some real good French music, I got two records to recommend. The first one was released by famous Café de Flore in 2003 and it has lots of interesting songs by artists from the 60’s to the 00’s. It’s not cliche and it’s going to make you feel like you’re in Paris, but in a more interesting Paris – something like being seated in a hidden Café in an alley in Paris surrounded by French people, instead of in front of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by tourists.


Another good compilation is the one made by Putumayo. This American label is specialized in making compilation with music from all over the Globe and, as far as I know, they do a pretty good job in every title they release.

They have two compilations with French music, but I recommend the one called “French Café“. The other one, entitled  “Paris” has songs for a more acquired taste and it’s full of songs by the people form the nouvelle scène française.

Something’s gotta give

The movie “Something’s gotta give” has an amazing soundtrack that could easily be considered a compilation of French music.

In the movie, Diane Keaton’s character is a writer that loves everything about France and the director explores that using French music in the entire movie. The soundtrack has excellent songs and, during the movie, there are also other songs that are not in the OST, like the delicious upbeat “Boum !”, by Charles Trenet. Combo.

Under Paris Skies

What if I got to make my own compilation? Well, I’m glad you asked! This is the list I came up with:

1.Marilou sous la neige – Serge Gainsboug
2. Belinda – Claude François
3. L’amoureuse – Carla Bruni
4. Déjà Toi  -Vincent Delerm
5. Puisque vous partez en voyage – Françoise Hardy avec Jacques Dutronc
6. J’suis pas d’ici – Thomas Dutronc
7. Les roses et les promesses – Benjamin Biolay
8. Capri – Berry
9. In the mood for l’amour – Claire Denamur
10. Les enfants du Pirée – Dominique A
11. Si j’avais su que notre amour – Anaïs
12. Nous – Alexis HK
13. S.S. in Uruguay – Julien Doré
14. Dis-lui oui – Bénabar
15. La vie ne vaut rien – Alain Souchon


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