Nonato Buzar and the French muse


When I worked in a TV Show about Brazilian music I had the chance to meet a lot of cool legendary composers and one of them was Nonato Buzar. He’s one of those guys that loves to tell a good story and makes you feel completely engaged in anything he’s talking about. Unfortunately, he’s also one of those musician who were more successful abroad than in his own country.

He told me that, in 1968, he wrote the song Nem vem que não tem with Carlos Imperial. At the end of the song, he decided he didn’t want to sign it and gave away the rights to Imperial, who, in return, gave him a brand new car.

What Buzar didn’t know was that, two years after that, Brigitte Bardot would record a French version of that song that would be a big hit throughout Europe and, obviously, make so much money that it would be possible to the composer not to buy one car, but a bunch of them, if he had the rights to the song.

He laughs about this story today, because, in the end of the day, he went to live in France and was great friends with Bardot, who even invited him to play some guitar in his 40th birthday (as you can see in the image of this post).


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