Nouvelle Star and Julien Doré


The TV show Nouvelle Star is a sort of a French version of American Idol and it started in 2003. Just like the American version, the show is more focused on pop music and, most of the artists shown there are only able to maintain themselves in the hit parades for as long as one summer. However, sometimes, the show surprises us all and reveals real talents.

Probably, the most successful case is Julien Doré. He was the winner of the 5th season of the show and, after that, he managed to make himself respected by the critics (making them almost forget he’s famous because of a TV show) and, at the same time, gain the love of the audience.

The problem about this time with all the Youtube and so many blogs is that people tend to remind the artists about their dark period and so one day I was curious to see the nowadays very cool Doré in the begining of his career. And, of course, it didn’t take me long to find his audition video on Nouvelle Star.

Here, you can watch him already as a strong candidate in the contest singing a cover of the beautiful Coup de soleil, by Richard Cocciante:

And, finally, his latest video clip to promote his most recent CD.

What a change, huh?


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