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Yesterday I decided to listen again to the great record Salle de pas perdus, by Benjamin Biolay’s younger sister Coralie Clément. Then I remembered that once a friend explained to me the meaning of this beautiful expression. Aside from its literal translation (“the room of lost steps”), salle de pas perdus is also the name French people give to waiting rooms in public places, like train stations and court rooms. The reason for that is because the people waiting are always anxiously walking back and forth with impatience either for someone or for some important decision to be made (in the case of justice court rooms), therefore, the lost steps.

Because of that memory, today’s Chanson de Lundi features Coralie, who unfortunetely haven’t released a new album since 2009. The song I chose from the Salle de pas perdus record is Ces matins d’été but I also recommend everyone to listen one more time to this deliciously mellow CD.


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