Iggy Pop and the French Christmas


Yesterday, as I was waiting for the subway, I notice the Christmas campaign of the Galeries Laffayette. And, in the ad, no one less than Iggy Pop.

After a quick Google search, I found a teaser with Iggy’s voice inviting people to buy Christmas presents at the famous French store. Who’d say that there would come the day when Iggy Pop would dress up as Santa to advertise in favor of a temple of the capitalism.

Iggy Pop pour les Galeries Lafayette – Noël… par GaleriesLafayette

And speaking of Iggy Pop and French culture, this post reminded me of two flertations of Iggy with the French music. First, his version of I’ll be seeing you, singing in a duet with Françoise Hardy. The second was released last November and it’s part of the new Lulu Gainsbourg’s homage-record to his dad.


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