The best French songs of 2010


As I promised in this post, here’s a list of best French songs of 2010. I know it’s really late for that but, since this is a new blog, I guess that could be used as a good excuse.

2010 was incredibly good for French music, we’ve had Zaz and Ben l’Oncle Soul, and in my opinion, the two of them are all a year needs to be considered good.

So, with no further delay, here it is:

1. Soulman – Ben l’Oncle Soul (Ben l’Oncle Soul) – I’m not even commenting on this choice. I love him. I know it’s pop and I know it’s not as deep as a Benjamin Biolay song, but who says that music has to be deep all the time? This song brightens my day, and that’s good enough for me.

Soulman by Ben L’Oncle Soul on Grooveshark

2. La Fée – Zaz (Zaz L’album) Undoubtedly, Zaz was the great revelation in 2010. Even though I do prefer Ben and I like Soulman better than any of the Zaz’s songs, I do recognize her value and I even think that maybe this list would be more respectful if I had putted Zaz in first place.

La Fee by Zaz on Grooveshark

3. Come Home – Yael Naim (She was a boy) – Yaim’s second album didn’t disappoint me, even not having such great review. Come Home is one of those songs that reminds me of early mornings and sunshine.

Come Home by Yael Naïm on Grooveshark

4. La Banane – Philippe Katerine (Philippe Katerine) – the very controversial Katerine surprised everyone with a weird funny record that divided the critics. I remember reading somewhere a critic asking himself “is he a real genious or is he really stupid?”.

La Banane by Katerine on Grooveshark

5. Ame Sensible – Lili Ster (La Castafiore) – There’s a very cute video with this song on Youtube, click here to watch.

8. Raconte-moi – Stacey Kent (Raconte-Moi)

Raconte-moi by Stacey Kent on Grooveshark

9. Le Patriote – Raphaël (Pacific 231) – And I’m not even a fan!

Le Patriote by Raphael on Grooveshark

10. Bilan carbone – Benoit Dorémus (2020)

Bilan carbone by Benoit Dorémus on Grooveshark




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