The best French songs of 2011


Well, I guess it’s time for the year lists (OK, I admit, I’m a little late).

2011 was very good year for French music production, therefore, deserves a well thought list. There was new records by Bénabar, Alain Souchon, Coeur de Pirate, Camille, Claire Denamur, Thomas Doutronc Laurent Voulzy, a tribute to Gilbert Bécaud and even Christmas album of Michel Legrand.

The reason I decided to illustrate this post with the pretty fine face of Coeur de Pirate is because she was the artist of the year. The young talented Canadian released a record the shone a little brighter on the shiny sky of French chanson.

01. Saint-Laurent – Coeur de Pirate (Blonde)

Saint-Laurent by Coeur de pirate on Grooveshark

02.Politiquement Correct – Bénabar (Le Bénéfices du Doute)

Politiquement correct by Benabar on Grooveshark

03. She won’t trade it for nothing – Keren Ann (101)

She Won’t Trade It For Nothing by Keren Ann on Grooveshark

04. Mademoiselle Liberté – Vincent Liben avec Berry (Mademoiselle Liberté)

Mademoiselle Liberté (Audio Album) by Vincent Liben et Berry on Grooveshark

05. Le jour et la nuit – Alain Souchon (À cause d’elles)

06. Bang Bang Bang – Claire Denamur (Vagabonde)

07. Les chiens ne font pas des chats – Ludivine Sagnier et Rasha Bukvic (Les Bien-Aimés)

Les chiens ne font pas des chats by Ludivine Sagnier on Grooveshark

08. La France – Camille (Ilo Veyou)

La France by Camille on Grooveshark

09. Julien Doré – Kiss me Forever (Bichon)

10. Jeanne – Laurent Voulzy (Lys and Love)

Jeanne by Laurent VOULZY on Grooveshark

Bonus: Maya Barsony – Poing Virgule (Monter Amoureuse)



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