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This post was originally written in Portuguese for the site Conexão Paris.

Berry is the codename of the young singer Élise Pottier, and although her nickname reminds us of a fruit (and her voice is as sweet as one), the choice of the name is related to a reference to the birthplace of controversial writer George Sand (who has been, among other things, Chopin’s lover).

Berry is a breath of fresh air, one of those singers that make us smile without us really knowing why. She began her artistic career in dedicating to the theater. At age 16, decided to quit school and was advised by a teacher to persue a career as an actress.

At this time she met jazz composer Manou, who soon joined her to write songs. And that’s how Mademoiselle, her debut record, was born and released in 2008. Mademoiselle is soft and cool and sounds like a lazy Sunday afternoon in the field, with just the perfect balance between sunny and windy.

I had the pleasure of seeing one of her concerts last year. I travelled over 600 hundred kilometers (around 370 miles) just to see her, and even though my hopes were way high, Berry never disappointed me. Her concert was super good and Berry sings with a constant smile on her face, as if she’s having a blast while she sings (if any of you speak Portuguese, here’s the post I wrote right after seeing her live).

I chose to post here two songs that came out in Mademoiselle: the first is Le Bonheur, one of my favorites, and the second is a version of a song by Hervé Vilard certainly known by the most frequent readers here from Conexão Paris.

And for those of you who already new all about Berry before reading this post, here’s a good surprise: Berry will be releasing a new record in April and she was already kind enough to give us a little taste of it. Here’s a little morceau of Si c’est la vie.


And, just because I can’t resist, here’s the original version of Capri. One piece of trivia: Vilard wrote this song without ever stepping foot in Capri. He wrote it because he was inspired by a poster he saw on a metro station.


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