Olivia Ruiz


The talented and cute French singer Olivia Ruiz has prepared two great news for this January.

The first one is the movie Un jour mon père viendra, where she interprets a bride that is forced to hire an actor to play her father in her wedding. The movie will be released tomorrow in the French theaters.

Here’s the trailer (in French):

However, the most interesting piece of news isn’t her debut as an actress in a feature film, but the announcement she made this week on her Facebook fan page: the cute frenchie told her fans that they could look forward for a nice surprise in the middle of the month. After researching a bit, I found out that she is talking about a new album with only 6 songs. And all of them are versions of standard jazz. Apparently, the record will only be available digitally. Cool, huh?

This surprise will sure make the fans less anxious while waiting for her new album, that is supposed to be released in the summer. Meanwhile, how about remembering the big hit from her last CD?



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