Brand new records to be excited about


The next months will be very productive for the French scene. Some of my favorite artists announced new releases and, to keep things organized, I decided to make a list that will help me keep track of the many new records!


Yesterday she announced on her Facebook Fan Page that her new record is ready and will be released on March, 5th. She already released Je n’embrasse pas les garçons and that she will be releasing another new song on February 17, check out the teaser:


Paulin hasn’t announced when his new record will be ready to go, but he posted last week a the cover photo of the front cover.


His new record will be out on March 26 and there’s a teaser to watch while we wait (not a very exciting one, though):


Photo by Pierre Debroux

As far as I know, Liben isn’t releasing anything this year, but he posted on Facebook this beautiful picture last week and I felt like sharing it with you guys. And that’s also a good reason to listen to one of his songs one more time.



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