Gene Kelly: An American in Paris


While I was writing about the new album by Anaïs, I realized that I had never watched the classic An american in Paris. I will correct that right away, but meanwhile, I leave you guys to the trailer of this classic movie from the 50’s that won the Academy Award in 1951 and is starred by the amazing Gene Kelly.

I’m a unconditional admirer of Gene Kelly’s and while I was writing this post I went digging up information about him and realized that tomorrow is going to be 16 years since he died. Weird coincidence.

So I guess an homage is in order, even though the subject is not exactly related to this blog. Let’s watch again (and again!) the incredible scene that made Kelly immortal.

And to end this humble homage, I post below a video of French actress Nora Arnezeder covering Singin’ in the rain, a title released in this album by Naïve Records.

P.S.: I come from a city that rains A LOT and I can not tell you guys how many time I spent under the rain trying to copy Gene Kelly’s amazing dancing steps.


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