Marcus Collins’ cover of a cover


There was a pretty awkward moment in the musical scene during the week involving one of my favorites, dear adored Ben l’Oncle Soul.

The runner up of the 2011 British edition of X Factor, singer Marcus Collins, released the first single of his new record to be released in March. It’s a cover of White Stripes’ greatest hit, the amazing Seven Nation Army. So far, nothing wrong with that piece of news, if it weren’t for the fact that the arrangements of his version sound very much like Ben l’Oncle Soul’s version, released in his debut album from 2010.

Several French websites and some other around the globe are talking about the weird resemblance and the question everyone seems to be asking themselves is: did he really copy the arrangements?

Since Ben l’Oncle Soul has been pretty big in the UK in the past couple of years, I find it hard to believe that everything is just mere coincidence. Check out the two versions and judge for yourself:

Speaking of Ben l’Oncle Soul, I just visited his website and saw that he’s offering a free download of his song Come Home. Enjoy!


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