10 songs to help you learn French


Many people who reads this blog comes here because they know that the best way to learn a language is listening to music. And unlike what many readers think, I do not speak French fluently, on the contrary, I would call my level low-intermediate.

So today I decided to list some songs that have helped me better understand French. The songs listed were chosen because a) they have a very basic French, b) they are easy to understand; c) they are sung in a very clear French.

I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!

1. Sympathique, by Pink Marini.

Although it’s a song composed by an American group, the song is super easy and the video is almost a French class.

2. Où est ma tête?, by Pink Martini.

Also composed by the American of Pink Martini, but it’s another easy song to understand and has helped me memorize names of some body parts.

3. La Javanaise, by Serge Gainsbourg

Gainsbourg’s slow and well pronounced French helps a lot.

4. Non, je ne regrette rien, by Édith Piaf

5. Sous le ciel de Paris, by Yves Montand.

Yves Montand speaks every single word in this song in such a calm way that I believe that even if a person never heard one single word in French, they would be able to understand some parts of this song.

6. Que reste-t-il de nos amours?

I chose the Patrick Bruel’s version because he sings really slowly.

7. La fleur aux dents

This song was written by Joe Dassin, but certainly this version by Vincent Delerm and Katerine is more helpful for those who are still learning. Notice the use of the Imperfect Past.

8. Ton Héritage, by Benjamin Biolay.

This one helps improve the vocabulary and helped me finally understand that the correct expression is “de temps en temps” and not “de quand en quand”!

9. Le coup de soleil, the Camélia Jordana’s version.

10. Désir, désir, by Laurent Voulzy.

This one taught me a lot of stuff, but the most important one was the expression spleen, invented by Baudelaire to describe a certain je ne sais quoi of melancholy.


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