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Do you guy remember when I posted a song by Loheem here in the blog? Well, good news! She was kind enough to give me an exclusive interview, talking about her work and plans for the future, check it out below the video.

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I love French music: When you accepted to give this interview, I started making research on your life, so that the questions would be more interesting, but I soon realized that there’s not much information on your biography in English or Portuguese. So, my first question is not really a question but a request: introduce yourself ! (where your were born, when, what’s your real name, and, more importantly, your first contact with music and how did you become a musician).

LOHEEM: That’s right; there is no much private info on the web. After all, I try to put my music upfront. But for u, I will do an exception 🙂 Therefore, my name is Julie, I was born in the south of France, in Avignon. I started music at an early age, but more especially at the age of 16, when i got my first guitar that I went on composing my own text.

Colorfield is the name of the first single you released and also the name of your EP. The song is already a hit was even featured in a Mercurochrome ad. What is your relationship with colors that seems to inspire you so much?

No particular inspiration with colours. That was a just a theme like other. I usually write my lyrics in an intuitive way. This song counts many colours but it’s not only that. U can understand more if you listen to it!

Who would you say are you biggest influences in French Music? And who are your favorite musicians/bands in music in general? Do you listen to any Brazilian music?

Despite few classic samba or bossa, i don’t really know much Brazilian music, but I’ll be delighted to learn more about it. I listen to a lot of British music, from pop to rap, going through British rock or electronic music. Regarding French music, I am really attached to the classics such as Jacques Brel, Barbara, Bashung… 

I am also keen of recent artists as Sebastien Tellier. Otherwise, I am really admiring female artist such as Feist or Bjork who are able to take perfect control of their music world but also their business. Nowadays I listen to old tracks: Chet Baker, Miles Davis or the Beatles!

Out of the 4 songs released in your EP, only one is sang in French. Tell us about this choice of singing in English and if you have plans of releasing other songs in your mother language.

I wrote Colorfield in English. Not because that was sounding better but because it came naturally. The title was chosen for the advert, and it stayed that way. Nevertheless, when we recorded the EP I was curious to do a French version of it that will have nothing to do with the original, in terms of rhythm, text… Today, I write in English but also in French, sometimes a song can come in two different versions. It’s a funny exercise.

Do you have a date set for releasing your first album?

I plan a new EP of five or six tracks in 2012… Let’s hope an album who knows! In every case, no release date yet. Nowadays, I keep on writing. I am about to shoot a new video next and do more photo shoots.


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