The royal family of the chanson française


If I had to choose a royal family to represent the chanson française, the choice would be, without a doubt, Francoise Hardy’s family. Although in the 60s the couple considered France’s sweetheart was Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday (who at the time, was called by some the “French Elvis”), Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc have always preserved something of a more interesting, more reserved and even more intellectual charm, which makes me admire them until today.

The couple is currently separated. Jacques Dutronc, a perfect bad boy, never lost his reputation of lady’s man and Hardy eventually have had enough of his temper. However, they are still on and off and never got legally divorced.

And that’s not all, their son, Thomas Dutronc – unlike the son of Vartan and Hallyday, who is relatively frustrated as a musician – is a young talent that began appearing in the media in 2001 after he was asked to write songs for Henri Salvador. Thomas is practically a copy of his father, with a touch of sweetness of the mother’s features, and the music that he plays, the jazz manouche, seems to carry the same flavor of his face, mixing a bit of the hardness of the rock’n’roll father with the melancholic and deep songs of the mother. His first album, Comme un manouche sans guitar, was very well received by critics and has songs that I absolutely adore.

I listed below some songs of this extraordinary family: 1) Tous les garçons et les filles, by Françoise Hardy; 2) J’aime les filles, by Jacques Dutronc; and 3) J’aime plus Paris, by Thomas Dutronc.

And below are some family moments. First, the couple singing together a version of Puisque Vous Partez en Voyage (originally recorded by Jean Sablon and Mireille) and second, mother and son in a photographic studio with one of Thomas’ songs on the background.


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