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Vincent Delerm is certainly one of the biggest names from the so called nouvelle chanson française and one of my favorites from this new generation. The 35 year old singer/songwriter is the son of Philippe Delerm, a very popular writer whose book of short stories – La Première gorgée de bière et autres plaisirs minuscules – released in 1997, sold over one million copies in France.

Vincent first release was back in 2002, with the album Vincent Delerm and soon got great reviews from the critics and was known mostly because of the song Fanny Ardant et moi, in which he talks about an imaginary romance he had with the actress Fanny Ardant.

Happily, I was able to find a video on Youtube that shows the first time Vincent sang the song in front of Fanny Ardant and it’s incredibly fun! Check it out.

(Notice the smile on her face when he sings “Je lui parle pas des filles de Jussieu / Elle parle pas trop de Depardieu“).

After the first release, he became a sort of contradictory character in France – there are those who love him and those who can’t stand listening to one single song. His way of singing and talking, and his unique voice made of him an easy target for those who likes to make fun of people, and very it’s easy to find parodies of his songs throughout Youtube.

In these 10 years, he released 4 records and, apparently, is working on a new one (my favorite, so far is his third, called Les Piqûres d’Araignée). His latest work was a children’s album called Léonard a une sensibilité de gauche, released in 2011 for the project Toto ou Tartare, one branch of the great label Tôt ou Tard.

He is recently on the road with a theater play called Memory. I had the chance of watching him in Paris last December and I just loved everything about the play (and I’m not even a great fan of the theater).

I listed below some of my favorites.



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