Women’s day


As everyone knows, todays is the International Women’s Day and, although I’m one of those who are a tiny little bit against choosing one day to celebrate just the existence of a genre (and, hopefully, someday this will sound silly to everyone and an specific date won’t be needed) I do realize the importance of thinking and debating the value of women in society.

Of course, since this blog is about French music, I chose some songs that talk about women from different points of views.

Belles! Belles! Belles!, a Claude François’ version for Girls!, Girls! Girls!

Belinda, by Claude François (about one specific girl, but in such a cute way that I couldn’t resist).

J’aime les filles, by the notorious lady’s man Jacques Dutronc.

Les Filles de 1973 Ont Trente Ans, by Vincent Delerm, singing about the behavior of the women of 30 from his generation.

Les Filles de 1973 Ont Trente Ans by Vincent Delerm on Grooveshark

Sait on jamais où va une femme, by Serge Gainsbourg, wondering where women go after they leave him.

And, finally, an incredibly tacky song that I simply couldn’t leave off of this list.

F…Comme Femme by Adamo on Grooveshark


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