En écoutant la pluie


The character Gil, from Midnight in Paris, said several times in the movie that he loved Paris when it rains. He said that the city is more beautiful and shiny, and I even agree, but I do not share that same adoration.

When it rains in Paris, the city really shines, but the rain here tends to be boring, with very thin droplets that seem to have to sole purpose of annoying the peasants.

Today is one of those rainy days that keeps me from walking around, and, before I was bored to death, I decided to listen to some French songs about the rain, in hopes that my mood will change and my idea of the rain gets a little bit more romantic, like the one Woody Allen’s adorable character has.


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I’m Gabriela Mudado, a Brazilian girl who has been in love with French tunes since… well, ever! I started a blog about French music (in Portuguese) in 2008 and recently decided to create an English version of it.

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