Chico Buarque in French


I already spoke, here in the blog, about my love for Chico Buarque. For those who don’t know him, he’s a great Brazilian singer/songwriter that loves Paris and French music.

And that’s precisely the reason why I got so excited when I found out that, for a while, France also loved Chico Buarque. After doing some research over the years, I collected a bunch of songs that were written by Chico and translated to French for some great artists.

Here are some of this beautiful French versions of some great Chico Buarque’s songs.

O que será (the first one was sent by my dear friend Louis, from the great blog French Kisses.)

Partido Alto

A Banda

Trocando em miúdos

Noite dos mascarados (I already spoke of this song here, remember?)


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