About the blog

Who am I and what am I doing here?

I’m Gabriela Mudado, a Brazilian girl who has been in love with French tunes since… well, ever! I started a blog about French music (in Portuguese) in 2008 and recently decided to create an English version of it.

In both blogs my goal is the same: to make the readers feel like they are really under Paris skies, having coffee looking at the Sena river. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

A little story

I’ve been in love with French music since my teenage years and, in 2002, I started to take my passion more seriously and make real researches on the subject. What I didn’t know was that, one year before that, there was a new scene being born in France, the so called nouvelle scène française – a generation of young artists who were decided to give some fresh air to the chanson française.

So this blog is all about the new and the old generation. Always in search of great music.

Feel free to get in touch: penelope@ilovefrenchmusic.com