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I know, I know, you guys thought this blog was dead. I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating it more often, I really am. It’s just that life is still a little complicated here in Paris: finding my place in this city, learning the language, looking for a home, for a job, all this things have been consuming all my time (and my thoughts). Sometimes I find myself out of breath with all the information and situations I deal with every day in this whole adventure. Anyway, I just released a new video that is a record of an installation/intervention/manifest created…

Finally, the movie about the life of Claude François arrived in the big screens of Paris. But while I don’t have the chance of watching it, let’s listen one more time to his greatest hit. And here’s the trailer, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about.

Do you guys remember I made a post here about Nadeáh? Well, I’ve got news for you. She just released a new video clip for the song At the moment, one of my favorites from her first solo record, called Venus gets even. For those who don’t know that, Nadeáh is Australian and lives in Paris, she started her career as one of the singers of the project Nouvelle Vague.

Sweet dear Berry finally released the single for her new record, the very much awaited Les Passagers. The French singer’s second album will be out on April 23 but, meanwhile we can delight both our eyes and ears with the video for Si c’est la vie. And here is the front cover for Berry’s new record, with a stunning pic. Doesn’t she look amazing?

Yey! A new video clip with the new Anaïs song is out. Anaïs chose Je n’embrasse les garçons to be the single of her new record (called L’eau de Javel), but Danseuse Privée was the one she chose to make into a music video. And, like everything the French singer does, the video is full of humor and, in this case, she dresses up as Tina Turner and Mistinguett (great cabaret singer from the Belle Époque) – Anaïs is already known for her impersonations, like the one she did of Carla Bruni. Anaïs – Danseuse Privée

Last week, I published here the new video clip that Anaïs released to promote her new record. Today, I found the making of with Anaïs talking a little about the idea of dressing up as Tina Turner and Mistinguett and André Manoukian talking about his part in the (funny) video. Anaïs – Danseuse Privée

Benjamin Biolay announced his first Best of, to be released on November 27.  The record marks the ten years of his career and I personally think it’s too early for a Best of (because, after all, they all sound a bit desperate, specially when released in Christmas time). The record has songs from Rose Kennedy to La Superbe and it even has an unreleased song, called L’eau claire des fontaines. Below, there’s the track list indicating from which CD the song comes from. Without any surprise, I noticed that the phase with Clara Mastroianni represents only 15% of the Best…

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