Good news: Barcella’s new record is out and he’s giving away his new track Ma Douce. The bad news is: you need to have an account in the French iTunes Store to be able to get it for free. In case you do, just click here to download it. In case you don’t, I recommend you pay, because the song is great.

So, I’m back to Paris! And, since I’m here for the month, I decided to post one picture of Paris everyday. There will be 30 pictures, one for each day I spend in the City of Light and one song that goes with that picture. Here’s the first one. I went there today and managed to get the 5 minutes of sunshine in this rainy Paris. The Picture Place des Vosges, Paris The Song Are you wondering where that is? Just click here and I’ll show you in the map!

Spring is one the most inspiring seasons of the year. Not only because it brings the green and the flowers back to the gardens, but because it’s a promise of joyful days and a reminder that there’s a warm summer to hope for. Although the spring began in March, my best friend, who lives in Paris, told that the season of the flowers only arrived in the City of Light last week. So, here’s  a list of the songs I like the most about the Spring.

As you all probably know by now, the people of France elected yesterday their new president, the gauchiste François Hollande. Specially for the occasion, the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen incarnated his latest character (from his new movie, The Dictator) to congratulate Hollande. In a hilarious way, of course. Watch the two videos below.

If there’s a anthem that represents the very essence of the chanson française, it’s name is, without a doubt, La vie en rose. Written by Édith Piaf and Louis Guglielmi, and released in 1947, the song soon became a hit worldwide, having sold over a million copies only in the United States. The song was also responsible for launching Édith Piaf’s career across the globe and the version recorded by Louis Armstrong, in 1950, only reinforced the idea that La vie en rose was born to become a timeless classic. Below, you can see a brief selection of some of…

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